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Welcome to the Arizona Chapter


The AATF Arizona Chapter represents over 200 French teachers, professors, and lecturers, both currently working and retired. Our mission, as with all chapters, is to promote the teaching and learning of the French language and to disseminate knowledge of the cultures and civilizations of France and the French-speaking world.

Professional Development and Opportunities

We also strive to build and maintain French programs across the state through professional development opportunities. Every year, we hold a Spring Workshop. Past workshops have included:

  • Teaching for Proficiency by Prof. Mariana Bahtchevanova (Arizona State University)
  • Gamification for the Language Classroom by Prof. Sebastian Dubreuil (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • 2020 AATF AZ – Atelier

  • Le roman algérien contemporain : le lire et l’écrire with Prof. Lynda-Nawel Tebbani, Writer and Scolar and Prof. Afif Mouats
  • AATF AZ - Atelier 2021

This year we are beginning a push towards recognizing the future professional opportunities within our state to show Arizona students, both university and secondary, that French is indeed a workplace language here in our state.



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