Welcome to the National French Contest

National Results have been sent!  Contact your Contest Administrator with any questions.

2014 Results Information on participation, number of prizes awarded, and scores for the 2014 Contest.  Note we do not publish student names or information on-line.  Teachers will have complete results for individual students, including percentiles and a detail report of how questions were answered.

2014 French Embassy Academic Prize - applications have been sent to eligible students.

Students: for confirmation of previous scores, send an email with complete details of your participation (full name, school, teacher, etc.)  We'll reply with your participation information.

2015 Contest Dates

Grades 1-6 (FLES): February 14 - 28, 2015

Grades 7-12 (levels 01-5): February 21 - March 22 2015*

*Note: Contest dates are set by the local Chapter and should fall within this range of dates.

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