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2023 Trois-Rivières Add-Ons

2023 Trois-Rivières Add-Ons

Already registered or have more guests to bring to events? Choose from the following options: We hope you choose to join us for optional activities to enhance your time: a shuttle to and from the Montréal airport (YUL), a pre-convention learning experience at UQTR (entitled ‘Connaissez-vous le Québec ?’), the welcome luncheon, walking tour, cabane à sucre visit, vin d’honneur, and visit to a local micro-brewery.

  • Please select a workshop.
  • Join us for a convivial lunch entre collègues! Please select if you would like a vegetarian or chicken option.
  • Come discover the charming city of Trois-Rivières with a local guide. Tours are from 4:00-5:15pm on Tuesday, July 25. Groups are limited to 20 participants total. Cost is $20 per participant.
  • Come honor the AATF award winners at our vin d'honneur. Each ticket includes one glass of wine and appetizers.
  • This breakfast is for members of the AATF Commission on Colleges and Universities, for those interested in joining, or those that teach at a university or college.
  • Pre-Convention Excursion at the University of Quebec, Trois-Rivières, organized by the UQTR Modern Languages faculty of the Department of Modern Languages and Translation.
  • The visit to the Cabane à Sucre is no longer available.
  • The brasserie tour is no longer available.
  • Join colleagues on a shuttle from the Montréal airport (YUL) to Trois-Rivières (TR). The shuttle leaves from the airport at 4pm local time.
    Please indicate which day you plan to take the AATF shuttle to Trois-Rivières.
  • No longer available.
  • With whom are you sharing a room?

2023 Trois-Rivières Add-Ons

This is for optional add-ons/ excursions to the Trois-Rivières Convention if you have already registered and/or need to include participants/guests for the events being offered. If you wish to attend the whole conference (July 23-26), please register HERE.

For more convention information, such as transportation to Trois-Rivières and the timeline of activities, please click HERE.

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