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2022-2023 Membership

2022-2023 Membership


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2022-2023 Membership

***PLEASE NOTE, starting 2023 there is no longer a fee for foreign memberships. Foreign members/ teachers are now categorized as regular memberships as well, paying the regular rate.

AATF membership for 2022-2023 is now available. Please note that membership is valid for the rest of 2022 (now – December 31) and all of 2023 (January 1-December 31, 2023.)

Members may join or renew at any time during the year, and they will receive all publications mailed thus far. Renew or join early to ensure prompt delivery of publications. AATF membership includes four issues of the National Bulletin, as well as other occasional mailingsFour issues of the French Review are published each year, but are available online through Project Muse.  All members will have online access to the French Review.  If you still wish to receive a hard copy, there is an additional fee to cover postage.   AATF membership is required for French National Honor Society (Société honoraire de français) sponsors, submission of work to our publications, participation in some contests and local chapter activities. AATF members receive discounted rates on materials and to register their students in the National French Contest (Grand Concours).

E-mail is our primary means of communication with members. AATF members agree to receive national/chapter information via e-mail and be part of AATF e-mail lists. E-mails are for AATF internal use only. If we do not have a current e-mail on file, you may not receive important announcements.   If you are a school staff member placing a membership order for a member teacher, make sure to include that teacher’s name and email.

If you are planning to participate in the National French Contest, please ensure that the primary email you use for membership is the same one you will use for the Contest.

Student members need to submit proof of current student status to qualify for membership. This can be done by mail, e-mail, or fax. Reply to confirmation e-mail from store for more information.

AATF members may also purchase electronic and print subscriptions directly at the FDLM Web site.

Please note that there is a $3.75 on-line convenience fee.

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