Induction Ceremony

Présentation des invités
Description de la Société (Aims, purposes, and requirements)
Description de l'installation
Services de l'installation (La Course du Flambeau)
Conférence (French Consular representative, Supervisor of Foreign Language instruction, Principal, Teacher, French or Francophone native informant, or Student)

Several chapters pin the newly-elected members with tri-colored ribbons; others present them with a pin; many distribute the membership certificates in a ceremonial setting. Many schools display  a large French flag on the stage during the induction ceremony. Schools hold the ceremony during a school assembly with parents and the student body present. A membership book is used by one school, and as part of the ceremony, the newly-elected members sign  their names. The type of reception ranges from formal dinners to informal gatherings for the new members and their parents.

Suggested Duties for Members of the SHF

  1. Organize and plan the agenda and activities for the French Club.
  2. Sponsor tutoring services designed to aid students who are having difficulty with language learning.
  3. Conduct a type of "college bowl" in preparation for the College Board AchieExam in French or for the National French Contest.
  4. Be responsible for a display case, bulletin board, etc. with displays depicting France and French-speaking countries.
  5. Plan activities and events for National French Week.

Suggested Activities:

  1. Celebrate French holidays, such as St. Catherine's Day with a judging of "hats."
  2. Christmas pageant in French: caroling in French at hospitals, orphanages, or to other classes or study and present French Christmas traditions
  3. French dinners: at French restaurants, sponsoring a French dinner for parents and other students and perhaps charging a nominal fee, members choose to make some typically French dish and have a potluck of various kinds of French foods
  4. Mardi Gras: floats (on wagons) depicting some aspect of French culture or costume party in which the students come dressed as some important figure in French history
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  6. Field trips to Embassies, Consulates, museums, plays, films, French church services, etc., where this is possible.
  7. Participation in programs and contests sponsored by colleges in the area of the high school.
  8. Sponsor an International Dinner in which other language clubs of the school are invited to present some talent in their language.
  9. Join meetings or causeries with members of other SHF groups in the area.
  10. Publish a French newsletter or seasonal publication.
  11. Procure films regarding French culture from Embassies or Consulates in your area; video-cassettes of French movies are also often available.
  12. Money-making projects for a scholarship fund to provide for an outstanding student in French: bake sales, sidewalk cafés. Petit Tour de France. French Fair: set up a Paris street scene with attractions such as cafés, flower markets, pastry shops, artistic corners, and perhaps a real puppet show.

Created: January 31, 2001
Last update: August 2, 2015