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Identities | Identités Experiences | Expériences Social organization | Organisation sociale Globalization | Mondialisation Identity | Identité (Vidéo) Sénégal – Discover Sarah Diouf: Why Beyoncé Loves Her Fashion Posted by: Katy Wheelock

Sénégal – Discover Sarah Diouf: Why Beyonce Loves Her Fashion. This is a 9-minute You Tube [...]

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Défis mondiaux: Le Lac rose au Sénégal | Global Challenges Posted by: Catherine Ousselin

This authentic, comprehensible, subtitled (French) short video demonstrates the products and practices of salt workers au [...]

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Identities | Identités Social organization | Organisation sociale Values | Valeurs Vidéo: Le port des cheveux longs chez les hommes en 1966 Posted by: Heidi Edel

This is a video from Radio-Canada/La Femme d’aujourd’hui (1966) about young men who have long hair. [...]

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Diversity | Diversité Authentic Resources: Senegal Posted by: Sarah Moghtader

While it is challenging to find authentic resources online from free sites, there are even more [...]

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Activité:Voyage autour du monde Posted by: Heidi Trude

Get ready to take a trip around the world! With this activity, students will have the [...]

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Identities | Identités Identity | Identité Movie Talk/Clip Chat: Week-end Family Posted by: Stephanie Carbonneau

Clip chat/Movie Talk slide show to introduce family vocabulary through the French Disney series Week-end Family. [...]

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Social organization | Organisation sociale Sharing the planet | Partage de la planète Preparation Activities and Vocabulary for the movie “Mystère” Posted by: Kelly Kanitz

The movie “Mystère” exemplifies all AP themes (and IB themes as well).  These preparation activities for [...]

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Diversity | Diversité Manie Musicale Novice Unit Posted by: Michelle Fournier

This is a completely articulated unit to accompany the Manie Musicale competition.  It is based on [...]

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Identities | Identités Oh là là: Mon look (Clothing preferences) Posted by: Stephanie Carbonneau   |   30/13/23

A five part activity based on clothing and one’s look or preferences. Students will comment on [...]

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Le jour quotidien de Louis Posted by: Mary Ellen Fuller

In this activity students will organize Louis’ day using 20 images.  They will paste/tape the images [...]

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