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Interpretive Reading – Novice: Quels sont nos activités et loisirs préférés? Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/14/23

Sentence strips for the classroom/gallery walk Students receive Rebus sentences. Complete sentences are hung up around [...]

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On va bavarder: Direct object pronouns Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/14/23

Introduce Review direct object pronouns with famous figures via Pear Deck/Google Slides. Make a copy for [...]

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Pear Deck/Slides: Et si on visitait le Carnaval de Québec Posted by: t. t.

Introduce your Novice-Intermediate students to Le Carnaval de Québec with this Pear Deck (or just Google [...]

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Spinner Wheel Posted by: t. t.

I’d like to suggest the educational technology resource: Spinner Wheel is a free online tool [...]

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Experiences | Expériences Diversity | Diversité Les Superstitions du Monde: Interpretive Reading Posted by: t. t.

An activity to use on or around Friday the 13th to discuss cultural differences surrounding superstitions [...]

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Chat Mats – Mon identité Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/13/23

With permission from Amy Lenord I have recreated her chat mats. These handouts have inclusive writing [...]

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Interpersonal Speaking: Les fournitures scolaires Posted by: t. t.

A variety of interpersonal speaking activities for novice low students. I can ask and tell what [...]

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Post winter break/vacation speaking bingo Posted by: t. t.

This bingo game can be modified for any level (I’d recommend 2 or higher). You can [...]

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Equity & Equality | Équité et égalité Diversity | Diversité Identity | Identité What do I have in common with a francophone person? Posted by: t. t.

Enduring Understandings French is spoken across the world due to France’s history of colonization. A Francophone [...]

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Identities | Identités Identity | Identité Interpretive Reading: Casse-tête – Famille mystérieuse Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/8/23

This cooperative novice-mid interpretive reading activity supports the vocabulary of the family and personal descriptions (physical [...]

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