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Teacher Resource: Daily Bell Ringers Posted by: Julia Saadallah

Bell ringers for the 1st semester of the school ’23-’24 school year. Slides with dates for [...]

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Identities | Identités Brise-Glace/Icebreaker: Building blocks (Middle School) Posted by: Penny Hensler

Number building blocks 1-54 then have students construct tower. Hand out copies of questions on google [...]

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La Classification/Categories Posted by: Jona M Lieberman

[All images are from CANVA’s image library] I wanted to share this easy ice breaker activity [...]

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Identities | Identités Activité: Ceci ou Cela Posted by: Rachael Simmons

This is an easy review activity for back to school, a quick conversation starter or a [...]

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Identities | Identités Brise-Glace/Icebreaker Activity: Stacking Blocks Posted by: Penny Hensler

You will need a full size stacking blocks set – number each block with a number [...]

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Identities | Identités Brise-Glace/Icebreaker: Octagon Connections Posted by: Penny Hensler

This is an Icebreaker activity. It is a very fun activity to encourage students to get [...]

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Identities | Identités Experiences | Expériences Social organization | Organisation sociale Equity & Equality | Équité et égalité Diversity | Diversité Identity | Identité Values | Valeurs Ressources: Vie scolaire, école, fournitures et cantines scolaires Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/18/23

The AATF has curated thousands of resources for “School/l’École” for use in your units, discussions, activities, [...]

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Identities | Identités Activité interpersonnelle: Faisons connaissance Posted by: Madame Hensler

This is a get-to-know-you activity based on a Frayer Model activity. Editor’s note: You can make [...]

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Abécédaire de Trois-Rivières Posted by: Karen Campbell Kuebler

Environmental print alphabet using vocabulary found around Trois-Rivières. Useful as a way to introduce vocabulary, identify [...]

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Dice Icebreaker: Les formes négatives Posted by: Madame Hensler

Students practice answering questions using negative constructions.  They roll the dice and answer the question that [...]

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