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Equity & Equality | Équité et égalité Diversity | Diversité Identity | Identité What do I have in common with a francophone person? Posted by: Cécile Lainé

Enduring Understandings French is spoken across the world due to France’s history of colonization. A Francophone [...]

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Identities | Identités Identity | Identité Interpretive Reading: Casse-tête – Famille mystérieuse Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/8/23

This cooperative novice-mid interpretive reading activity supports the vocabulary of the family and personal descriptions (physical [...]

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Chasse aux genres de musique Posted by: Jennifer Weir

This activity “Chasse aux genres de musique” is an introduction for elementary and middle school students [...]

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Identities | Identités Interpersonal Speaking/Listening: Congé d’hiver Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/2/23

This set of 16 flashcards have various activities in le passé composé with avoir/être/s’être. Make a [...]

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Chanson: Je te souhaite une bonne année Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/2/23

Belle chanson par Grégoire pour le Nouvel an! La vidéo est sous-titrée en français, mais les [...]

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Voeux du Président 2023 – Interpretive Listening Posted by: Rebecca Stiles

This is a transcript of Emanuel Macron’s New Years Eve speech with 10 questions to guide [...]

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Musical Chairs as a Review Quiz Posted by: ANNIE LEE GILLILAND

We all know and love musical chairs, but you can use it as a quiz game. [...]

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Identity | Identité Values | Valeurs Interpretive Reading/Debate: Pour ou contre le “Tout-connecté? Connected objects in our lives Posted by: Catherine Ousselin

This Interpretive Reading activity is ideal for Intermediate Low/Mid learners investigating technology and the impacts of [...]

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Audio-Lingua transcriptions Posted by: Jodi Nickels

These are transcriptions I have done for the authentic listening on Audio-Lingua. They are organized alphabetically [...]

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Identity | Identité Je me présente Posted by: Sarah Moghtader

This is a presentation that can be used with Novice Low learners for a few lessons [...]

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