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Members of the AATF Technology Commission have organized these online resources for French teachers. The sites and tools represent hours of evaluation, curation, and organization so that teachers can spend less time searching for resources and more time planning for successful units and activities. If you have a resource that you would like to share, please email Catherine Ousselin, Chair of the Technology Commission or connect with us on our Facebook page.

Curricular and Thematic Resources

  • French Teaching Resources

    When Wikispaces shut down their site, the contents were moved to “Groupes”  on IFProfs.  Many people share on the direct “Ressources pédagogiques” tab as well.   Click here for a user guide to help navigate these resources.

  • AATF YouTube Channel

    In search of an authentic or curricular video resource for a thematic unit or lesson? Explore the thematically-organized playlists on our YouTube channel and use the channel search function to pinpoint the hand-chosen videos or playlists that meet your needs.


  • AATF Pinterest

    The 50+ thematically and topically-organized AATF Pinterest tables provide educators with thoughtfully curated authentic Francophone resources such as infographics, videos, articles, dossiers pédagogiques, and other materials to support and enhance your units.


  • AATF Diigo Bookmarks

    Much like Pinterest and perhaps more powerful, the Diigo bookmarks offer users easy-to-search and thematically-organized resources. Power users can choose multiple keywords to narrow the wide span of resources.


  • AATF Facebook Page

    Like and follow our Facebook pages to stay up-to-date on AATF news and activities, job announcements, curricular material posts, and Francophone news.


  • AATF Wakelet

    Do you enjoy Pinterest for resource curation, but wish it were easier to organize? Wakelet is a powerful and free organization and curation tool that allows users to categorize their materials, website links, videos, social media posts, and cloud files in an easy-to-read feed. Visit the AATF’s Wakelet thematically-curated collections and follow us as the collections expand!


  • AATF Twitter Feed

    Follow the AATF Twitter account that retweets Francophone news, curricular resources, as well as ideas and activities from French teachers from around the United States.




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