92e Congrès annuel à Philadelphie du 14 au 17 juillet 2019

Special offer to new members:

All those attending an AATF convention must be members of the Association. Current or renewing members must pay the conference registration fee as well as 2019 dues of $55 if they have not already done so. However, we would like to encourage non-member teachers to try an AATF convention and learn what we are about.

We invite French teachers who have never been AATF members to attend the convention; their convention registration fee will include one year's membership in the Association. This offer applies only to those who pre-register for the convention and have never belonged to the AATF. It does not apply to speakers. It will apply for the 2019 membership year (January 1, 2019-December 31, 2019).

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Created: January 14, 2001
Last update: February 25, 2019