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What do I have in common with a francophone person?

Posted by: Cécile Lainé

Enduring Understandings

French is spoken across the world due to France’s history of colonization.

A Francophone person often speaks multiple languages and has multiple cultural heritages.

Francophone cultures are extremely rich and diverse. While I know it will take me years to develop a deep understanding, appreciation, and empathy for these cultures, I am excited to start developing an understanding and appreciation via exchanging with an e-pal, and gaining some knowledge about the contributions of a variety of Francophone people.

Can-Do Statements

Interpretive Reading and Listening
I can identify the topic and some isolated facts from simple sentences in informational “texts” (listen, view, and read) describing francophone people.
I can understand familiar questions and statements from simple sentences in conversations about myself and others.

I can request and provide information to my French e-pal by asking and answering a few simple questions on very familiar and everyday topics, using a mixture of practiced or memorized words, phrases, and simple sentences. (Not included in the materials)

Intercultural competency 
I can identify a few contributions by famous Francophones (products).
I can identify a few francophone cultural celebrations (practices).
I can locate francophone countries on a world map and answer a few questions about these countries.

L4J social justice 
I can respectfully describe ways that Francophone people are similar to and different from each other and from me, using novice language.

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