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Teacher Resource: Daily Bell Ringers

Posted by: Julia Saadallah

Bell ringers for the 1st semester of the school ’23-’24 school year. Slides with dates for Monday (idiomatic expressions), Tuesday (memes, jokes), Thursday (trivia, facts, history), Friday (map talk). On Wednesday I show a song for Musique mercredi, so there isn’t a presentation for that day. These are slides that can be projected on the board as students enter class.

On Fridays, the map talk can require some time if you have students guess the temperature and distance in French. The distances are linked as how many miles between (some Francophone city) and Cincinnati.

Feel free to make copies and edit however you like.

The slides include an image by Cécile Lainé, French teacher extraordinaire, that asks “Comment tu te sens aujourd’hui” with different responses.

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