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La Classification/Categories

Posted by: Jona M Lieberman
[All images are from CANVA’s image library]
I wanted to share this easy ice breaker activity called “Categories/La classification“. Students work together in partners or groups to create 4 categories to “put” all of the things they see into. I run this activity in French, but have done it before in English as well.
You can make it into a game by having one team share the categories they chose and have the other teams try to name all of the items that go into each category. (first or most accurate can get a point)
It can be pretty silly to see what types of categories they create.
Feel free to make a copy of my slides and add more if you want!
For example they could come up with:
  • Things that are red
  • Food
  • Animals
  • Items Madame likes
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