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Intermediate Mid Grammar Lessons in French (French 4/5 or French 202)

Posted by: Jessica Miller

11 grammar lessons for Intermediate Low students (French 4/5 or French 201)

I created these lessons myself. They are all in French with examples, with 4 pages (8 slides) per lesson and use inclusive pronouns. There are no practice exercises available yet.  I assign one lesson per week for students to read at home. We review and practice in class. Some weeks I don’t assign new grammar, so 11 lessons make up an entire semester for me. I teach university students but these lessons could work for French 4/5. I have narrated videos available on YouTube so students can listen as they read. You can use the PDF as is or download and modify the PowerPoint version.

Module 1
S1 – Le subjonctif
S2 – Les pronoms relatifs
S3 – Les verbes en -RE

Module 2
S5 – Les comparaisons
S6 – Le futur simple
S7 – Le participe présent

Module 3
S9 – Les infinitifs
S10 – Le conditionnel
S11 – Les pronoms démonstratifs

Module 4
S13 – Les temps composés
S14 – Les phrases avec SI

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