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Intermediate Low Grammar Lessons in French (French 3/4 or French 201)

Posted by: Jessica Miller

11 grammar lessons for Intermediate Low students (French 3/4 or French 201)

I created these lessons myself. They are all in French with examples, with 4 pages (8 slides) per lesson and use inclusive pronouns. There are no practice exercises available yet.  I assign one lesson per week for students to read at home. We review and practice in class. Some weeks I don’t assign new grammar, so 11 lessons make up an entire semester for me. I teach university students but these lessons could work for French 3/4. I have narrated videos available on YouTube so students can listen as they read. You can download the PDF here or follow the link to Google drive and download the PowerPoint version.

Module 1
S1 – Les verbes qui changent
S2 – Les questions
S3 – Les articles partitifs

Module 2
S5 – Les pronoms Y et EN
S6 – La négation
S7 – Les adverbes

Module 3
S9 – Le passé composé
S10 – L’imparfait
S11 – Le plus-que-parfait

Module 4
S13 – Les pronoms réfléchis
S14 – Les verbes irréguliers en –IR

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