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Il était une fois… / Once upon a time…

Posted by: Omar Rachid


  • I can ask and answer simple questions about elements of a familiar story using texts or pictures. 
  • I can describe places and characters in a story with detail.
  • I can ask and answer a variety of questions about a elements of familiar story.
  • I can logically sequence events in a story and narrate in different time frames.
  • I can express my opinion about the creative writing process.
  • In my own and other cultures I can explain how myths and legends are used to transmit culture.

Questions essentielles:

  • Why are stories, myths and legends created?
  • To what extent do we still believe in stories, myths and legends?

Every year I look forward to when I get to teach this unit called “Il était une fois..” since it gets students excited and surfaces their innate curiosity and their inner child. In this session participants will be presented with a unit plan from beginning to end and have the opportunity to workshop the unit together to adapt it to their setting. I will also bring some sample student work from Middle School students. This session will be held in French so that educators can connect and engage with one another in an authentic setting so that we can model what this experience will be like in the classroom.

C’est une présentation que j’ai créée pour WAFLT 2023 avec plein de ressources pour créer votre propre unité autour du conte.

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