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Authentic Resources: Senegal

Posted by: Sarah Moghtader

While it is challenging to find authentic resources online from free sites, there are even more than ever before available. Now it seems possible to find ones on that come from francophone countries outside of France.

One approach to curriculum writing is to start by gathering resources on a topic and then write a unit that incorporates what you find. At the Novice-Mid to Intermediate-Low Level students can already speak about colors, emotions and clothing. They can react to songs by saying what they like about the song and can make personal connections to art. So, a unit has that vocabulary to build on. The theme of identity is possible at that level and in the domain of cultural competence, students are able to recognize products and practices and can look at them to understand perspectives.

I set out to find authentic resources from Senegal and prioritized resources from authors who are Senegalese. Here are the 24 or so authentic resources I found ready for you to make your own unit. Read, watch and listen to them to first learn more about Senegal, then consider organizing them into a unit for your students. Or, add these resources to the units you have already written for French 1 as they lend themselves well to the different topics you probably already address.

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