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Activité orale/Oral activity: Describing images

Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   30/1/22

This is an oral/listening/speaking activity for Novice Mid-Intermediate High students.  My plan is to use it for “La Rentrée” as a gentle revision activity of animals and activities. 

Images with DALL-E AI image generator. Pictures are in a shared Google doc. You can adapt the pictures and text as you wish.

  • Students will receive a bag of image cards (cut up).
  • Students will place the cards face up on the table.
  • Activity 1: I will describe the images with vocabulary/expressions and students will hold up the correct activity. They will then turn and describe the picture to their partner with any words/expressions they remember.
  • Activity 2: Students will receive the sentences and will match these with the pictures.
  • Activity 3: Students will create their own AI image and write a basic sentence describing it. I will print/collect and create a gallery walk. Students will have all the student-generator statements on a handout and will write a sticky note (with their names and their best guess) for (#?) of pictures. 
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