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Record of Executive Council Meetings & Delegate Assembly Motions

Motions Passed by the Executive Council and Delegate Assembly 2020 to Present

2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

It was moved that:

  1. The AATF 2020 convention in Trois-Rivières not be held this year.
  2. The proposed AATF Statement on Diversity be adopted.
    The AATF is an inclusive association, which seeks to build, value, honor and cultivate diversity. Associations that are diverse in age, race, ethnicity, faith, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, and perspectives are better associations. To this end, we seek to create a community where educators, from any background, can promote Francophone cultures around the world.
  3. The name of the leadership program should be changed to AATF Leadership Academy.
  4. All commissions provide the Executive Director with access to their Facebook pages and social media accounts.
  5. The leadership participants’ stipend from National Headquarters should be increased from approximately $200 to $500 per participant. This does not include any funds awarded by the participant’s local chapter. Participants will continue to receive complimentary registration to the convention.
  6. AATF Summer Scholarship recipients will receive a stipend of $500 to help defray travel expenses. This does not apply to scholarships from external sources which already award such a stipend or to cash awards.
  7. The slate of candidates for the upcoming elections be approved as follows: Tracy Rucker (Kentucky Chapter) and Milton Alan Turner (Ohio Chapter) as candidates for Vice-President for a three-year term 2021-2023; Christine Gaudry (Philadelphia Chapter) and Eileen Walvoord (Chicago/Northern Illinois Chapter) as candidates for President-Elect (2021), President (2022-2024), and Past-President (2025).
  8. The slate of candidates for the upcoming elections be approved as follows: Region I Representative: Allison Litten (VT) & Peter Vantine (MA); Region VI Representative: Audra Merfeld-Langston (Greater St. Louis) & Tom Sapp (Chicago/Northern Illinois); Region VIII Representative: Susie Hennessey (Northern California) & Anne Lair (UT).
  9. Catherine Daniélou, Past-President, and Steven “Etienne” Langlois be named Honorary Members of the AATF.
  10. The subscription price of the French Review for institutions beginning in 2021 should be as follows: $65 (print); $75 (electronic access to ten years); $90 (combined print and electronic), increasing by year 3 to $80/$90 respectively.
  11. A $20 postage surcharge be added as an option to 2021 membership for those who wish to receive a paper copy of the French Review. All members will have electronic access.
  12. That the proposed budget for FY2021 be approved, including $22,000 for dues to the Joint National Committee for Languages/National Council for Languages and International Studies, $6000 for Jane Black Goepper Professional Development Scholarships, $2000 for the Walter Jensen Scholarship for Study Abroad from interest from the Endowment Fund, $1000 for the Ludwig Excellence in Teaching Awards, approximately $1500-2000 to support the Outstanding Administrator Award, approximately $75,000 for honoraria, $5000 for AATF Commissions to be distributed as funds are applied for, $5000 for AATF Small Grants, and $7000 from interest from the Endowment Fund for recruitment.
  13. That the resolutions be approved as amended.


Be it resolved that the Executive Council and the entire AATF membership on the occasion of the 2020 virtual convention which was to be held in Trois-Rivières, Québec, July 15-18, offer their gratitude and deep appreciation to the following individuals and organizations that have made important contributions to the AATF this year.   The AATF:

  • welcomes Steven Ohlhaut, Region V Representative, Cara Heminger, Region VII Representative, and Catherine Ritz, Vice-President, to the Executive Council and welcomes back Katy Wheelock, Region III Representative, who was re-elected to a second term.
  • welcomes incoming President of the Société Honoraire de Français Regina Symonds.
  • offers its sincere gratitude to our Commission Chairs: Kathy Stein-Smith, Joyce Beckwith, Dolliann Hurtig, Martha Behlow, Karen Campbell Kuebler, E. Nicole Meyer, Jean Copeland, Justin Frieman Charles, Janel Lafond-Paquin, Catherine Ousselin, Eileen Walvoord, Rebecca Léal, Isabelle Drewelow, and Jessica Sturm.
  • offers its congratulations to this year’s winner of the Rebecca & Jean-Paul Valette Legacy Award:  Jennifer Hoban (Kentucky Chapter).
  • extends its congratulations to this year’s winners of the AATF Dorothy S. Ludwig Excellence in Teaching Award: Deborah Blaz (Indiana Chapter) Secondary; Anne Lair (Utah Chapter).
  • offers its congratulations to this year’s Outstanding Chapter Officer, Nathalie Gorey (Maine Chapter).
  • welcomes our new Honorary Members: Catherine Daniélou, Past-President, and Steven “Etienne” Langlois.
  • offers its thanks for Jon Shee and Megan Diercks for organizing the Francophone Trivia Contest for National French Week.
  • extends its congratulations to Lisa Narug and Megan Diercks and their team for successfully navigating the exceptional circumstances that affected the 2020 Grand Concours.
  • expresses its thanks to Rita Davis in recognition of the completion of her term as Vice-President.
  • expresses its thanks to Margarita Dempsey in recognition of the completion of her term as Region I Representative.
  • expresses its thanks to Sheila Conrad in recognition of the completion of her term as Region VI Representative.
  • extends its appreciation to Anne Jensen for her leadership during this challenging year.
  • thanks Jayne Abrate, Lindsey Gibson, April Anthony, and Sarah Williams for their dedication in navigating the unusual circumstances of 2020.
  • expresses our sadness at the passing of the following AATF members in 2019-2020: Adeline Abel (VA), Michel Beauchemin (WV), Gérard Brault (PA), Richard Dalche (TX), Phyllis Dragons (MA), Robert Lafayette (LA), Kathleen Mawdsley (IL), MaryAlice Seagrave (NY), Roger Siau (KS), Leonard Symansky (NY), and Flore Zéphir (MO).

Created: August 28, 2020

Last updated: August 28, 2020

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