Advice for Sponsors of the Société Honoraire

Advice for Sponsors of the Société Honoraire

We know that the current situation is wreaking havoc with all
end-of-year activities and exams and creating unexpected situations that
no one had envisioned. We have established the following guidelines
for SHF activities:

The teacher/sponsor and school is the ultimate authority for what events
are held or cancelled. If school events are cancelled, SHF events must
be cancelled. SHF chapters typically hold ceremonies year round
(although most occur in the spring). Therefore, it is perfectly
acceptable to hold an induction ceremony in the fall for students who
should have been inducted now. It may even be possible in some cases
to organize a virtual ceremony.

Although there are specific requirements in the SHF constitution about
grades, we encourage teachers to be flexible and use your best judgement
in determining who qualifies. Give the student the benefit of the
doubt. Service requirements may also be relaxed. Some local
constitutions require that students be present at the induction
ceremony. Again, that may not be possible if you are unable to hold a
ceremony or if it is postponed until fall. Again, give the students
the benefit of the doubt.

If you wish to provide students with induction certificates and other
items, even if a ceremony or graduation will not be held, we will
continue to fill orders.  The best way to place orders is through the store at

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