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AATF Elections 2023

This November, all current (active) AATF members will have the opportunity to elect a president (term of 5 years: 1 year as president-elect, 3 years as president, 1 year as past-president) and vice-president (term of 3 years). Members in Region I (New England), Region VI, and Region VIII will also elect their Regional Representatives (term of 3 years).


Here is the slate of candidates, listed in alphabetical order by position.

All current (2023 members) are eligible to vote for the following positions:

President (2024-2028):

Steven Daniell  photo   CV   personal statement

William Thompson  photo   CV   personal statement


Vice-President (2024-2027):

Jerry Parker  CV   personal statement

Tracy Rucker  CV   personal statement


Only those current members living in the respective regions will vote for their Regional Representative.

Region I Representative (New England) (2024-2027):

Peter Vantine  photo   CV   personal statement


Region VI Representative (West Central)(2024-2027):

Brandi Pruente  photo   CV   personal statement

Tom Sapp  photo   CV   personal statement


Region VIII Representative (Southwest)(2024-2027):

Danielle Asay  photo   CV   personal statement

Jacki Williams-Jones  photo   CV   personal statement

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