2018 AATF Summer Scholarships

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AATF Professional Development Scholarships (confirmed)

In 2017, the AATF will instituted two teacher Professional Development Scholarships for study abroad in a French-speaking country in the amount of $3000 each.  These scholarships will be open to AATF members only.  See guidelines below.  Click here for more information.

2018 applications for all scholarships must be submitted electronically at   We will accept applications beginning January 1, 2018.

Recommendations should be submitted to .  

Other Scholarships

Additional scholarship information will be posted as we receive it.  The information below applies to 2017.

The tentative submission deadline is Feb. 15, 2018.

The pdf Teacher Application Form is for informational purposes only.   All applications must be submitted online.

For information about the Walter Jensen Student Scholarship, click here.

En 2017, scholarships were offered to France and Belgium.

General Requirements


In 2017, the Cultural Service of the French Embassy will offer AATF members who teach at the K-12 levels one scholarship for study in France during the summer. The programs provide intensive study of French language, teaching French, and modern French culture.   The stage de perfectionnement will address French language teaching methodology and are aimed at teachers of French at the primary or secondary school levels.   The two-week stage will take place in France at a location selected by the Mission culturelle et universitaire française aux États-Unis.  The 2017 program was held in July at the CAVILAM - Alliance française de Vichy.

Each grant includes (approximate):

  • Cost of the training program;

  • Train tickets from the arrival city in France to the city of the training center (round-trip, 2nd class)

  • Housing costs: homestay with a French family (breakfast and dinner included)

  • An allowance (about 288 euros in 2015, subject to change in 2016) covering lunches at the training center, and various expenses (purchase of books, bus tickets, etc.)

  • A $600 allowance for the purchase of international plane tickets (the purchase of the plane tickets is the responsibility of the participant).

Applicants must be full-time teachers in accredited U.S. schools, have been assigned to teach the French language and/or French culture in grades K-12 for the past three years, U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. (French citizens are not eligible to apply); and highly proficient in French (C1 level*).  Applicants must not have received a grant from the French government within the last 3 years.

* L’utilisateur de la langue au niveau C1 est autonome. Il est capable d’établir une communication aisée et spontanée. Il possède un répertoire lexical large et peut choisir une expression adéquate pour introduire ses commentaires. Il produit un discours clair, bien construit et sans hésitation qui montre l’utilisation maîtrisée des structures. 

Wallonie-Bruxelles International

In 2017, Wallonie-Bruxelles International offered two summer scholarships to Belgium for AATF members at the secondary or college levels. Recipients attended a two-week language training session at the Université de Mons. In the past the scholarships have included tuition and fees, housing in a university residence hall, and a stipend for meals. Transportation is at the charge of awardees.  Please note that these scholarships are intended for candidates who need to work on their French skills, and the programs do not generally address French language pedagogy.  

As a follow-up, recipients are expected to (1) prepare a cultural project on the country to be disseminated through the AATF and (2) present a session around the same topic at the 2018 AATF convention in Martinique or the 2019 AATF convention in Philadelphia.

AATF Scholarships

This year the AATF will also offer two Summer Professional Development Scholarships in the amount of $3000 each for an AATF member to study in a French-speaking country.   Any AATF member currently holding a full-time teaching position, who has been an AATF member for at least three years, and is a non-native speaker of French is eligible to apply.   Scholarships will be given for participation only in programs accredited by the host country or an American university.   Partial payment will be made upon submission of proof of enrollment with the remainder being paid upon submission of proof of completion of the program.

Selection Process

Scholarships will be awarded to members who indicate a plan to use the scholarship to benefit themselves professionally and to enhance or expand the curriculum for students through a pedagogical project. Applications will be reviewed and the decisions will be announced within a month or so of the application deadline. A number of factors will be weighed: clarity and specificity of the candidate's statement and project (1-2 pages); reasons for applying and level of French (candidates are expected to have a level of proficiency which will allow them to follow university-level coursework in French); teaching assignment; evidence of professional commitment; future career plans in education; and letters of recommendation.


Links to application forms are found at the top of this page. 

Applicants should do the following:

  1. Complete the on-line application form at .
  2. Submit two letters of recommendation via e-mail with the candidate's name and AATF Scholarships clearly indicated in the subject field to [].  (One of the letters should come from the principal, dean, or department chairperson, and one from someone who knows the candidate and his/her work well.) These letters of recommendation should contain a serious, detailed evaluation of the applicant's professional and personal qualities.
  3. All materials must be received by a tentative deadline of February 15, 2018.


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