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Promotional Materials

All of these materials can be viewed and ordered in our Online Store. For member and nonmember pricing information, check the On-Line Store. If you do not wish to order through our On-Line Store or need to pay with a purchase order, please contact National Headquarters.

Promotional Flyers

The AATF has produced seven promotional flyers targeting a variety of audiences. They can be posted on bulletin boards, distributed at parent-teacher conferences or open houses, shared with administrators and school board members, and used to convince others of the continued importance of learning French.

"Help Wanted: Encourage Students to Learn French"

Developed by the AATF Commission on High Schools, this flyer targets school guidance counselors. It outlines how studying French can provide important career advantages for students. AATF members may receive a limited number of "Help Wanted: Encourage Students to Learn French" flyers for distibution to guidance counselors by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope with one or two first-class postage stamps to AATF Help Wanted Flyer, Mailcode 4510, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 62901.

"French By the Numbers," "French is Not a “Foreign” Language," "Ten Reasons to Learn French," "Why Learn French?" and "Speaking French: An Investment in the Future" all focus on various features that make French a global language to learn in the 21st century. To request sample copies, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Sample Flyers, Mailcode 4510, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 62901.

Why French FLES*?" offers reasons for beginning the study of French at a young age. Use it to promote the importance of beginning French language study early in the elementary school grades. The flyer and the accompanying video can be used to recruit students, lobby for new programs, or defend existing programs.

Promotional Items

In 2014, we also produced a 1-inch silver-colored fleur-de-lys medallion that can be used as an award, a pendant, a charm.   It can be ordered through the On-Line Store.

We offer bumper stickers ("Forward with French"), pens and pencils, notepads, a pencil pack (includes pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener), note cards, and a glass dish with the AATF logo etched on the lid.

Promotional Publications

Many of our publications can be used both in the classroom and outside the classroom to promote French.

Calendrier perpétuel: 2013 revised and expanded volume highlights significant events in French and Francophone history as well as birthdates of famous Francophone individuals. Extensive index of the people listed, glossary, and brief Teacher’s Guide.

Parlez-vous...Poster Series: Series of 6 color posters (11x17”) promoting French on the theme Parlez-vous...? Includes 123-page study guide.

Click here to see our pedagogical materials.

For more information about our promotional materials, go to the Online Store.

Click here for a printable form to order National French Week materials.

To order any materials related to the Société Honoraire de Français or Jeunes Amis du Français, use the On-Line Store or contact shf@frenchteachers.org.


Created: November 7, 2013
Last update: December 28, 2018