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Guidelines for Authors

You may contact the editor at nbeditor@frenchteachers.org

Manuscripts should be sent via email attachment in Word format. Articles are reviewed by the editor on a periodic basis, and then they are forwarded to a board of readers who send their recommendations back to the editor. Articles may be accepted as received or tentatively accepted pending revision, or may be refused. Time between the reception of an article and its actual publication will vary depending on space available in any given issue as well as on thematic content.

Format, Length, Style, and Other Requirements

Please refer to the MLA stylesheet in preparing your submissions.

All contributions should be double-spaced throughout, including endnotes, bibliography, quotations (except very long ones). Use 2-inch left margin and 1 1/2-inch margins on all other sides.

Articles should average 5-6 pages although an occasional outstanding longer piece will be accepted (10-12 pages). Shorter articles are always welcome.

Articles in French may follow standard French style. Please note that the National Bulletin uses diacritical marks on capital letters in accordance with the manual Basic Rules for Typesetting in French by Alain Baudoit and Thérèse Lior (1984).

The author's name should not appear anywhere in the manuscript itself. Instead, authors should indicate the title of the article, name of author, school affiliation, home and work addresses and telephone numbers, including zip and area codes in the body of the e-mail.

Each page of the manuscript should bear at the top right the one or two key words of the short title, followed by the page number.

Please note that chatty, first-person style is not acceptable.

Charts, graphs, drawings, etc. should be avoided unless absolutely necessary to the text. If they are used, they should be prepared as separate files from the main text of the manuscript in their original format (.jpg, .xlsx, etc.). Their placement within the text should be indicated in the text.


Created: November 1, 2000
Last update: September 2, 2016