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The AATF produces its own superior mailing list of French teachers/professors for rental purposes. Our service is fast—one week after receiving an order, in most cases. Our list is, above all, very accurate since it is updated DAILY. Compare this with the usual commercially available lists of French teachers, sometimes months or even years old. Our turnover in members is 10-15% per year. WE HOLD A SIGNIFICANT TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE OVER SIMILAR COMMERCIAL LISTS IN RANGE, ACCURACY, AND PRICE. Our list can be further refined by teaching level, state, or zip code.

Membership Statistics

There are currently about 9000 active and inactive members

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Membership is on the calendar year; full active membership of approximately 9000-9500 is reached about June after all renewals have come in. We can at any time provide active members only or both active and inactive members.


  • Names can be supplied electronically in Excel format. Special format requests will requires a $75 additional charge. (entire list) $70 per 1000
  • Pressure-sensitive labels, 3-up (entire list) $90 per 1000
  • Any geographical or other selection (teaching level, active only, U.S. only, etc.) $75 per 1000
  • First class, priority mail & packing; special shipping at actual cost.  (Large, heavy orders, foreign & Canadian orders may require additional postage; next-day delivery extra)
  • There is a $40 minimum charge.


  1. E-mail addresses are never distributed or sold.
  2. Our list of addresses is updated on a regular basis to incorporate all changes sent to us by members, by the USPS or via mail returns.
  3. This list is provided for a one-time only mailing and for rental purposes only. It may not be reused. Requests for multiple use must accompany the initial order. We do not recommend this since members move so frequently.
  4. The list is to be used for material of professional interest to French teachers. The proposed use should be explained when the order is submitted, and the AATF reserves the right to refuse orders. A sample of the expected mailing should accompany the order, and the list is rented specifically with the understanding that nothing except the material corresponding to the sample will be enclosed.
  5. All orders must be received in writing via regular mail, fax or e-mail, and customers should specify which part of the list they desire. For instance, we need to know if Canadian and/or foreign addresses should be excluded. Lists are normally produced in zip code order (alphabetical for foreign and Canadian, all placed at the end of the list) for ease of bulk mailing and/or reduction of postage. For customers mailing from abroad, we can add "USA" to the end of each address.

Prepayment, credit card, or a deposit of $100 US must accompany orders from NEW customers or from those who have not ordered for three years or more. This requirement is waived for previous customers or whenever the total amount due is likely to be under $100. There is a $40 minimum charge for an order.

Delivery will be made within one week after the order is received in our office, except for orders going to Canada or abroad.

For more information, contact aatf@frenchteachers.org

Created: December 13, 2000
Last update: December 28, 2018