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Each year the AATF sponsors a number of competitions for awards.

AATF Exemplary Programs

In 2014, the AATF instituted an award to honor Exemplary Programs in schools across the country.   For full information on applying for Exemplary Program status, click here.   The application forms can be found here: Secondary Application and Post-Secondary Application.  To read descriptions of 2015-2018 Exemplary Program honorees, click here.   The next deadline is February 15, 2019.   Any school which meets the critera can be designated an AATF Exemplary Program.

AATF Awards for Students

  • AATF Outstanding Senior in French Awards
    Click here for the most recent Honor Roll of Outstanding Senior.
    Each year, any AATF member can nominate one outstanding senior per institution at the high school and college/university level to receive one of these awards. In addition to an award certificate, outstanding seniors receive a press release, a letter to a school administrator, and have their names posted on the Outstanding Senior Honor Roll on the AATF Web site. An optional gold medal is also available. Click here for more information. Outstanding Senior Awards can also be ordered through the Online Store.
  • AATF Excellence in French Awards
    Each AATF member can nominate any number of students at any level for an Excellence in French Award. In addition to an award certificate, outstanding seniors receive a press release and a letter to a school administrator. An optional bronze medal is also available. Click here for more information. Excellence in French Awards can also be ordered through the Online Store.
  • Students may also receive awards by participating in the National French Contest or the French National Honor Society.

AATF Awards for Members

  • Rebecca & Jean-Paul Valette AATF Legacy Award
    This award, given for the first time in 2017, will be made to an AATF member whose program has shown significant and steady growth over the last 3-5 years.   A cash award of $3000 may be used for professional development and program improvement.   Click here for more information.
  • AATF Convention Travel Award
    This award is intended to provide assistance for AATF members traveling to the annual convention. Application deadline: March 15 each year.   Click here for more information.
  • AATF Dorothy S. Ludwig Excellence in Teaching Awards
    Sponsored by the late Robert Ludwig, former AATF Regional Representative, these awards may be made at four levels: elementary, middle school, high school, and college/university. Nomination deadline: February 1 each year. Click here for more information. Click here for Application Form.
  • AATF / Concordia Language Villages Outstanding Administrator Award
    Created to recognize an administrator (principal or superintendent) who supports the study of languages, in particular French, this award offers recognition to the winner and provides a stay at Concordia Language Villages to be awarded to a student in the school/district. Click here for more information.  Nomination deadline: December 1 each year.
  • AATF Outstanding Chapter Officer Award
    This award recognizes an outstanding current or immediate past Chapter President or Treasurer and includes a cash award. Nominations are made by Regional Representatives. Nomination deadline: April 1 each year.

AATF Small Grants

Each year, the AATF awards $4000-5000 in Small Grants to members or chapters to undertake worthy projects related to the teaching or promotion of French. Matching support is required. Application deadline: March 1 each year. Click here for more information.   Click here for application form:

In addition, a number of AATF chapters sponsor local awards. For more information on these awards, contact your local chapter officers.


Created: October 3, 2007
Last Update: December 28, 2018