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AATF Convention in Martinique

There are a number of pedagogical documents, including activities based on videos and webinars with related presentations.

Presentations On Line

We offer a number of PowerPoint presentations on French Culture along with supplementary lesson plans, worksheets, and handouts.

French Review Dossiers pédagogiques

Click here to see regular on-line activities to accompany the French Review

Supplementary Activities from the AATF Student Standards Commission

Three PowerPoint presentations were created to accompany the manual produced by the Commission, Making Global Connections. For more information on the publication, go to the On-Line Store.

Classroom Activities from the National Bulletin

Many Classroom Activities and Salut les jeunes! columns from past issues of the National Bulletin have been posted. Many of these activities have also been grouped into a print publication, Vive le français, which is available through the On-Line Store.

Recordings of Past AATF Webinars

The AATF has organized periodic webinars on cultural topics. You can listen to these presentations by clicking here.

AATF Pedagogical Publications

Click here to view other AATF print pedagogical publications.


Created:November 8, 2013
Last update: December 28, 2018