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AATF Outstanding Chapters

This award was created in 1999 to honor those chapters who have generated the largest percentage increase in membership from one fiscal year to another.

2018 - Small Chapter
First Susquehanna, PA
Second Maine
Third Colorado/Wyoming
Honorable Mention Tennessee
2018- Large Chapter
First Maryland
Second New Jersey
Third Eastern Massachusetts
Honorable Mention Ohio
2017- Small Chapter
First Mississippi
Second Western Pennsylvania
Third Pays du Nord
Honorable Mention Western Massachusetts/Vermont
2017- Large Chapter
First Metropolitan New York
Second Minnesota
Third Southern California
Honorable Mention North Carolina
2016- Small Chapter
First Northeastern Pennsylvania
Second Central Pennsylvania
Honorable Mention New Mexico
Honorable Mention Central New York
2016- Large Chapter
First Eastern Massachusetts
Second Connecticut
2015- Small Chapter
First Arizona
Second Central Pennsylvania
Honorable Mention San Diego
Honorable Mention Westchester, NY
2015 - Large Chapter
First Maryland
Second Connecticut
2014- Small Chapter
First El Paso, TX
Second South Texas
Honorable Mention Central Texas
2014 - Large Chapter
First Southern California
Second Wisconsin
Honorable Mention North Texas
2013 - Small Chapter
First Rochester
Second Arkansas
Honorable Mention Indiana
2013 - Large Chapter
First Eastern Massachusetts
2012- Small Chapter
First South Texas
Second Central Pennsylvania
Honorable Mention Nevada
2012 - Large Chapter
First Greater St. Louis
Second Minnesota
2011 - Small Chapter
First Washington/Alaska/British Columbia/Alberta
Second Maryland
Honorable Mention North Texas
2011 - Large Chapter 
First Mississippi
Second Arkansas
Honorable Mention Alabama
2010 - Small Chapter
First Northwest Indiana
Second Pays du nord (NY)
Honorable Mention Utah
2010 - Large Chapter
First Greater Saint Louis
Second Connecticut

2009 - Small Chapter

First West Virginia
Second Northeastern Pennsylvania

2009 - Large Chapter

First Georgia
Second Houston

2008 - Small Chapter

First Montana
Second Oregon

2008 - Large Chapter

First Nassau, New York

2007 - Small Chapter

First Oklahoma
Second Louisiana
Honorable Mention Rhode Island

2007 - Large Chapter

First Detroit, MI
Second Houston, TX

2006 - Small Chapter

First South Dakota
Second Pays du Nord, NY
Honorable Mention Suffolk, NY
Honorable Mention SanDiego, CA

2006 - Large  Chapter

First Houston, TX
Second Greater St. Louis

2005 - Small Chapter

First Utah
Second Rhode Island
Honorable Mention Arkansas
Honorable Mention Central Pennsylvania

2005 - Large Chapter

First Colorado-Wyoming
Second North Texas

2004 - Small Chapter

First Northwest Indiana
Second New Mexico

2004 - Large Chapter

First Tennessee
Second Virginia

2003 - Small Chapter

First Hautes Plaines, TX
Second Nevada
Honorable mention North Dakota

2003 - Large Chapter

First Northern California
Second North Carolina
Honorable mention Virginia

2002 - Small Chapter

First Pittsburgh, PA
Second Western New York

2002 - Large Chapter

First Northern Virginia
Second Suffolk, NY

2001 - Small Chapter

First Central New York
Second Greater Kansas City
Honorable mention Idaho

2001 - Large Chapter

First North Texas
Second New Jersey
Honorable mention New Hampshire

Created: September 2, 2003
Last update: August 22, 2018