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List under construction

AATF Rebecca and Jean-Paul Valette Legacy Award

Mary Townsend (OH) (2018) 
Jeff Loughary (MO) (2017)

Outstanding Chapter Officers

Jon Shee (CT) (2018)
Michele Roberts (Western NY) (2017)
Michael Hebert (RI) (2016)
Mary Anne O'Neil (WA) (2015)
Deanna Scheffer (FL) (2013)
Justin Frieman (WI) (2012)
Joanne Silver (Philadelphia) (2011)
Mary Vogl (CO) (2010)
Amy DeGraff (VA) (2009)
Janet Smith (TX) (2008)
Catherine Hobby (ME) (2007)

AATF Administrator of the Year

James Knight, Malone Middle School (NY) (2018) 
Tom Rogers, Geneva High School (IL) (2017)
Pascal Stricher, Santa Rosa French-American Charter School (CA) (2016)
Judson Miller, North Kitsap High School (WA) (2015)
Catherine Gannon, Sutherland Elementary School (IL) (2014)
Thomas Lovett, St. Johnsbury Academy (VT) (2013)
Lisa Griebel, Federal Way High School (WA) (2012)
Kevin McLaughlin, Triton Regional High School (MA) (2011)
John Durkee, Marcellus High School (NY) (2010)
Carol Townsend, Depew High School (NY) (2009)
Robert Feeney, William Floyd High School (NY) (2008)
Dr. David Hook, South Bend Baptist Academy (TX) (2007)
Christine Brown, Glastonbury Schools (CT) (2006)

Dorothy S. Ludwig Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

Cathy Kendrigan (Chicago/Northern Illinois)-Secondary (2018)
Ann Williams (CO-WY)-Post-Secondary (2018)
Betsy Taylor (TN)-Secondary (2017)
Stacey Weber-Feve (IA)-Post-Secondary (2017) 
Bonnie Estes (NC)-Secondary (2016)
Kirsten Halling (OH)-Post-Secondary (2016)
Caroline Little (MN)-Secondary (2015)
Michèle Bissière (NC)-Post-Secondary (2015)
Tracy Rucker (KY)-Secondary (2014)
Martine Motard-Noar (MD)-Post-Secondary (2014)
Sylvia Simard Newman (NC) -Secondary (2013)
Harriet Saxon (Metropolitan NY) - Post-Seconary (2013)
Jennifer Hallenbeck (WA) - Secondary (2012)
Jane Evans (El Paso) - Post-Secondary (2012)
Margaret Haggstrom (MD) - Post-Secondary (2011)
Judy Davis (WA) - Secondary (2011)
JoEllen Delamatta (VA) - Middle School (2011)
Janine Spencer (IL) - Post-Secondary (2010)
Polly Adkins (SC) - Secondary (2010)
Joyce Strojny (DE) - Middle School (2010)
Linda Quinn Allen (IA) - Post-Secondary (2009)
Barbara Barnett (PA) - Secondary (2009)
Rodney Taylor (PA) - Middle School (2009)
Joanne Chiet (NY) - Elementary School (2009)
Eileen Angelini (NY) - Post-Secondary (2008)
Samantha Godden-Chmielowicz (IL) - Secondary (2008)
Hervé LeGuilloux (FL) - Middle School (2008)
John Patrick Greene (KY) - Post-Secondary (2007)
Teresa Watts Lambert (KY) - Secondary (2007)
Todd Bowen (IL) - Secondary (2006)
Claude Boutin (TX) - Secondary (2005)
Betsy Kerr (MN) - Post-Secondary (2005)
Janel Lafond-Paquin (MA) - Secondary (2004)
Marilyn Conwell (PA) - Post-Secondary (2004)
Molly Wieland (MN) - Secondary (2003)
Sister Mary Helen Kashuba (PA) - Post-Secondary (2003)
Judy Dharini Charudattan (FL) - Elementary (2002)
Emily Wagner (PA) - Middle School (2002)
Margot M. Steinhart (IL) - Secondary (2002)
Karen Campbell Kuebler (MD) - Elementary (2001)
Jacqueline Friedman (NY) - Middle School (2001)
Davara Potel (OH) - Secondary (2001)
Marie-Simone Pavlovich (IL) - Post-Secondary (2001)
Sherry Dean (TX) - Post-Secondary (2000)
Renée White (TX) - Secondary (2000)
Janet Doner (PA) - Post-Secondary (1999)
Bénédicte Retrou-Weissman (AL) - Secondary (1999)
Julie Maddox (KY) - Elementary (1998)
Nancy Gadbois (MA) - Secondary (1998)
Bonnie Adair-Hauck (PA) - Post-Secondary (1998)
Virginia Gramer (IL) - Elementary (1997)
Jo Ellen Sandburg (IL) - Middle School (1997)
Donna Czarnecki (IL) - High School (1997)

National French Contest Chapters of the Year (2016)

Large Chapter

1st place - New Jersey, Administrators Catherine Politi & Kris Boni
2nd place - North Carolina, Administrator Sue Brown
3rd place - Philadelphia, Administrator, Mary Helen Kashuba, SSJ

Small Chapter

1st place - Northwest Indiana, Administrator Ricky Baron
2nd place - Colorado/Wyoming, Administrator Megan Diercks
3rd place - Wisconsin, Administrator, Jenny Bolen
3rd place - Hawaii, Administrator Vanny Clay

National French Contest Administrators (1991 to present)

Heather West (large chapter-2015) Alabama
Maria del Carmen Ramirez (small chapter-2015) El Paso, TX
Carolyn Fisk (large chapter-2014) Minnesota
Jennifer Corbin (small chapter-2014) Arkansas
Pat Nakashima (large chapter-2013) Northern California
Charlotte Neller (small chapter-2013) Oklahoma
Sherri Forbes Pea (large chapter-2012) Indiana
Kristen Necaise (small chapter-2012) Mississippi
William Thompson (large chapter-2011) Tennessee
Bonnie Youngs (small chapter-2011) Western Pennsylvania
Valerie White (large chapter-2010) Georgia
Joseph Theroux (small chapter-2010) Rhode Island
James Lambert (large chapter-2009) New Hampshire
Catherine Lochtefeld (small chapter-2009) Western New York
Tamara Wubbenhorst (large chapter-2008) New Jersey
Sophie Kent (small chapter-2008) Westchester, New York
Jane Romer (large chapter-2007) North Carolina
Nikki McDonald (small chapter-2007) Nebraska
Laura Walker (large chapter-2006) Northern Virginia
Violet Horsley (small chapter-2006) Utah
Sue Slaughter (large chapter-2005) Arkansas
Kathleen Zipf (small chapter-2005) New Mexico
Deborah Bartle (large chapter-2004) Virginia
Paula Frank (small chapter-2005) Rhode Island
Warren Scoones (large chapter-2003) Central New York
James Murphy (small chapter-2003) Michigan
Steven Daniell (large chapter-2002) Alabama
Mary Frye (small chapter-2002) West Virginia
Marlene Manela (large chapter-1999) New Jersey
Elaine Kay Shumway (small chapter-1999) Northwest Indiana
Thomas Betts (large chapter-1998) Connecticut
Tucky Roger (small chapter-1998) Oklahoma
Josette Young (large chapter-1997) South Carolina
Mary Arslanian (small chapter-1997) Suffolk, NY
Ted Haldeman and Leah Bolek (large chapter-1996) Chicago/Northern Illinois
Claire Stifler (small chatper-1996) Western Massachusetts
H. Todd Knox (large chapter-1995) Louisiana
Janet Wohlers (large chapter-1995) Eastern Massachusetts
Ronald Mueller (small chpater-1995) Greater Saint Louis
Sr. Mary Helen Kashuba (large chapter-1994) Philadelphia, PA
Lorna Wingate (small chapter-1994) Maryland
Robert Ludwig (large chapter-1993) Hudson Valley, NY
Evelyn Vandiver (large chapter-1993) North Carolina
Jack Davis Brown (small chapter-1993) Mississippi
Judith Baughin (large chapter-1992) Ohio
Margaret Corgan (small chapter-1992) Northeast Pennsylvania

Voted Minneapolis, July 1991

ISE Language Matters Award (discontinued 2017)

Brandi Pruente (Greater Kansas City) 2016
Abbe Guillet (Central New York) 2015
Tripp DiNicola (Virginia) 2014
Sarah Sexton (CO/WY) 2013
Kadidia Doumbia (GA) 2012
Dawn Young (NC) 2011
Megan Iranpour (KY) 010
Beth Pierce (MS) 2009
Teresa Lambert (KY) 2008
Donna Czarnecki (IL) 2007
Davara Potel (OH) 2006
Mimi Hagedorn (KY) 2005

Best Treasurers (discontinued 2000)

Lorna Wingate (large chapter-1999) MD
Jill McCormick (small chapter-1999) Western NY
Jolene Lichtenwalner (large chapter-1999-Honorable Mention) NJ
Rosanna Moakley (large chapter-1999-Honorable Mention) MA
Mary Gutermuth (small chapter-1999-Honorable Mention) East TX
Emily Wagner (large chapter-1998) Philadelphia
Gisèle Zachary (small chapter-1998) Western Massachusetts
Ruth Koizim (large chapter-1997) Connecticut
Marcie Bushnell (small chapter-1997) Oregon
Doug Cardwell (1984) North Carolina

Ludwig Scholarship Winners (discontinued 2000)

Kim Horton (1999) AZ
Noëlle Rouxel (1999) NH
Karen Kozlowski (1998)
Jennifer Lambert (1998) VA
Ann Philipps (1998) FL
Christine Popowski (1998) IL

Created: January 14, 2003
Last update: August 22, 2018