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National Headquarters

U.S. Mail Address and Shipping Address (UPS, Fedex)

7333 W. Jefferson Ave, Suite 240
Lakewood, CO 80235-2017
Telephone: 815-310-0490
Fax: 815-310-5754



N.B. Expiration of office indicated in brackets.

Eileen Walvoord (President) [2024]
Email: eileenwalvoord@gmail.com

Megan Diercks (Executive Director) [2025]
302 N. Granite St.
Marion, IL 62959-234674.65.225.174
Telephone: 815-310-0490
Fax: 815-310-5754
Email: diercks@frenchteachers.org

Anne Jensen (Past-President) [2022]

San Jose State University (CA)
Email: annejensen@frenchteachers.org

Martha Behlow (Vice-President) [2024]
Geneva Community High School (IL)
Email: mbehlow@geneva304.org

Catherine Ritz (Vice-President) [2022]
Boston University (MA)
Email: maflacatherine@gmail.com

Tracy Rucker (Vice-President) [2023]
Louisville Collegiate School (KY)
Email: trucker@loucol.com

Carine Bourget (Editor in Chief, French Review) [2025]
University of Arizona
Email: bourgetc@arizona.edu

Sandrine Hope (Editor, the National Bulletin) [2025]
University of Alabama
Email: nbeditor@frenchteachers.org

Lisa Narug (Director, National French Contest) [2022]
P.O. Box 3283
St. Charles, IL 60174
Telephone: 630-677-2594
Email: director@frenchcontest.org

Regional Representatives

Peter Vantine (Region I – New England) [2023]
E-mail: pvantine@smcvt.edu

Dawn Fiorilli (Region II – New York & New Jersey [2024]
Bernards Township Public Schools (NJ)

Katy Wheelock, (Region III – Middle Atlantic) [2022]
Wakefield High School (VA)
E-mail: katywheelock@yahoo.com

Heather Tedder (Region IV – Southeast) [2024]
E-mail: tedderh@wataugaschools.org

Steven Ohlhaut (Region V – East Central) [2022]
West Lafayette Jr/Sr High School (IN)
E-mail: ohlhauts@wl.k12.in.us

Tom Sapp (Region VI – West Central) [2023]
Loyola Academy (IL)
E-mail: tsapp@loy.org

Cara Heminger (Region VII – South Central) [2022]
Lincoln North Star High School (NE)
E-mail: caraheminger@gmail.com

Susie Hennessy (Region VIII – Southwest) [2023]
E-mail: mmehennessy@gmail.com

Brigitte Debord (Region IX – Northwest) [2025]

Email: brigitte.debord@coloradoacademy.org

Last update: August 16, 2022

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